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  • Nebel, the Bald-Head Reindeer, and “Short Stack” Landine serving up Mr. Smith. Thanks to all for spending a great Saturday morning with us!
  • New Sky View holiday card?
  • Saaannttaaaaa!! I know him!!
  • Band and Chorus rocking the Pancake Breakfast at The View! Serving through 11:30, so come on down!
  • Hawks are giving it their all!!
  • Boys win!!!
  • Big crowd at The View to cheer on Hawks Basketball!!
  • Turkey Trot II winners! First place was back before most of us made it outside!!
  • Turkey Trot Part Deux: The Winter Stroll. Never too cold at The View!
  • Holiday Shopping at The View! Grade 7 today, Grade 6 Thursday and Grade 8 Friday. Get your lists together!
  • Over a hundred plastic bottles already saved...and it’s only our first one! More to come: donate to our bubbler drive today!
  • Filtered water with bottle filler? First of (hopefully) many new bubblers thanks to Student Council. Donate today, please!!
ESL Homework Help
The Homework Hotline is open again this year! The hotline provides assistance to ESL students who need help with their homework. The Homework Hotline is available Monday through Thursday,from 5 to 8 p.m. Calls are answered by an ESL teacher. The hotline number is 978-302-1381.

La línea de ayuda para tareas está nuevamente abierta este año!
Esta línea brinda asistencia a los estudiantes de Ingles como segundo Lenguage que necesitan ayuda con sus tareas. La línea directa de tareas está disponible de lunes a jueves, de 5 p.m. a 8 p.m. Las llamadas seran atendidas por un profesor bilingue. El número de la línea directa es 978-302-1381.

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Thursday, 18 October
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