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  • Bus 2! Onward to Mount Wachusett!
  • United Way Youth Venture annual Kick-Off....on the way to Mount Wachusett!!!
  • Happy Baby Shower, Ms. Cornwall!!
  • Now THAT’s a great looking group!
  • Sky View new Professional Status Teachers!!!
  • Official Professional Development uniform!
  • A peaceful day begins at The View.
  • More fun with authentic foods for Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month.
  • Thank you to our ESL teachers for kicking off Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month with students cooking their favorite foods from their home countries....delicious!!
  • In case you were wondering if your metal water bottle was tough enough to be run over by a bus...😖
  • Spirit Week award winners!! Thanks to a for a great week of fun and charity!

Sky View Middle School

3 days ago

21st Century Program

We are still accepting applications to be apart of the 21st Century After school Program.Program start date will be Monday, October 15.See the main office for more information or an application.

Lost & Found Clothing 

Every year at Sky View, we accumulate an amazing amount of "lost" clothing, which we leave on a table in the Cafeteria for students to "find" their lost items.  Last June, we donated 7 large trash bags filled with the remaining clothing from the you can imagine, the table in the cafeteria was overflowing with items.  It even collapsed at one point from the weight!

This year, the Leominster Education Foundation has placed a clothing collection box at the top of our driveway, and we plan to use it!  Every 3 weeks, we will gather the lost and found clothing items from the table in the cafeteria and donate the clothes into this box.  

If your student is missing an item of clothing, please make sure he/she checks the Lost and Found table in the cafeteria right away!

Additional Bus Changes

Our intrepid bus company continues to find the best balance of safety and convenience for all of our 909 students...not an easy job!  Additional changes have been made to a couple of buses and routes.  These changes can be found here on the site, and always under SVMS Info in the Buses section.  The following buses are now all called during First Round each afternoon:

Round 1 - Buses 27, 29, 31A and 34 (one of our Boys & Girls Club Buses)

Boys & Girls Club Buses

In a continuing effort to balance out the number of students on each bus in the afternoon, we established 3 different buses and split students among the buses accordingly.  Mr. Trainor and Mr. Nebel worked with the students during last period so each knew which bus to take.  If any students still have questions, please have them come see us in the office!
Bus 34 during Round 1
Buses 19 & 23 during Round 2

Welcome to The View, Mr. Trainor!

You may have noticed a new face in the office, out at buses, in the halls, around the classrooms and walking the cafeteria.  Sky View is very excited to have our new assistant principal, Mark Trainor, on board and ready to support our students and staff.  Mr. Trainor comes to us after two decades of teaching grade 8 Math, most recently with the Lowell Public Schools, where he also worked as the Principal Designee for his school, stepping in as leader when the principal was out of the building.  Please help him feel part of the family....and help him not get lost in the building!

Principal Squires

Congratulations to Mrs. Deb Squires, who officially took over as the principal for The View on August 1!  We all know Mrs. Squires as one of our veteran assistant principals, but she has also held many other positions in the Leominster Public Schools during her 18 years of service to our community.  She's already working hard to lead Sky View into the next great chapter!