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Sky View Events
Throughout the school year, Sky View will have many events and activities. Refer to this page frequently for updated dates, times, information, etc. Some of the events or activities that will appear under this page are:

Washington D.C. Trip- Grade 8
Sam/Sky Bowl
Parent/Teacher Conferences- sign-up links
Winter Carnival
Band/Chorus events
Club Fair
Open Houses
And lots more...

8th Grade- Washington D.C. Trip

8 months ago

Questions? Contact Mrs. Barton:

This years trip will be from Tuesday, June 2nd- Friday, June 5th

Washington DC Informational Slide Show

How to Register! 

  1. Go to

  2. Go to “register” in the top right corner

  3. Pick “I am a Participant” 

                         Group Leader is: Barton 

                         Trip ID: 256247

       4. Click “Add Personal Info” ***This is YOUR CHILD’S information**** 

       5. Go through each page and fill out all the required information and contacts. For rooming                there is no twin room option for our trip, so don’t sign up for it. Chose a protection plan or                not.   Your choice!

       6. When you get to the payment page you must put in a minimum of $100 in order to be                   officially registered and on my trip list. If it does not let you put in $100 right away, sign out               then back in with the name and password you created and try again. It should let you enroll             for $100 this time. 

Bill Macdonald memorial scholarship

Due Wednesday November 13th