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English Language Arts Class Expectations
The seventh grade English Language Arts Curriculum is developed from the Common Core State Standards. Throughout the year students will participate in activities to enhance their receptive skills in the areas of reading and listening through various genres such as short stories, dramas, myths, poetry and novels, as well as, to enhance their productive skills in the areas of speaking and writing.

Grading Policy
Participation/Class work 40%
Students are expected to participate in all class activities and put forth effort into their daily class work. Student’s binder will be assessed at various check points throughout the year.
Homework/Preparedness 10%
Students are responsible for arriving to class on time with the necessary materials and to be engaged and active participants during class time.
Classroom Assessments 50%
Students will be assessed in a variety of methods which include, but are not limited to: projects, essays and quizzes/tests.

Discipline - All policies in the Student Handbook will be upheld.
Everyone in the classroom will be expected to follow all classroom rules developed around being respectful and responsible, as well as, all school rules.

Responsible students:
 Bring all materials (including a pencil) to class daily
 Complete homework on a nightly basis
 Be an active participant in class
 Arrive to class on time
 Submit projects and writing assignments on assigned due dates
Respectful students:
 Listen and maintain eye contact when the teacher or a classmate is speaking/presenting
 Give his/her full attention and effort on a daily basis
 Treats fellow classmates with compassion and consideration
 Helps and listens to fellow students when working in a cooperative group
Extra Help
Extra help is an opportunity for students to redo an assignment they wish to improve the grade on or to study for an upcoming test/quiz. I will be available for extra help after school on Thursday’s until 3:00 PM. Transportation is not provided through the school; therefore you will need to arrange for your own ride. You will also need a note from home giving you permission to stay after school and must specify who will be picking you up from the school.

Contact Information (978) 534-7780 Extension 4407
How Families Can Access Homework Assignments
All Class Homework is Posted on the Remind App. If you'd like to join please follow the directions below and you will be signed up.
Option 1
Send a text to 81010 with the message @leominste
Option 2
Send an email to