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Foreign Language 18-19
Foreign Language 18-19
For the 18-19 school year, we will only have an online Foreign Language choice for students. We will start the program the first week of school similar to past years.
Grade 6 Foreign Language
Students who are placed in an advanced learning class, either all 4 academic classes or just humanities classes, will be placed in a foreign language class during workshop block.
Grade 7 & 8 Foreign Language
Students are eligible to take a foreign language instead of a workshop class through a combination of teacher recommendation and a review of MAP testing data. Students' Reading MAP scores are reviewed first to target 50 students for 2 sections of foreign language class. After a review of these students' grades and consulting with their teachers, students are recommended for a foreign language. Students outside of the first 50 students selected may still be recommended for a foreign language class after consulting with teachers. Students in Grade 8 who did not take a foreign language class can still take a foreign language class only through student or parent request. All requests should be sent to the building principal.
  • Edgenuity & Online Foreign Language
  • Edgenuity & Online Foreign Language
    Sky View offers 5 different foreign language choices through Edgenuity. The 5 language choices are: