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VIEWpoint Presentation

VIEWpoint Stream

9 months ago

By Timothy Blake

Presentation Day!

On Tuesday, June 19, students will share what they have learned during their VIEWpoint days.  Each child will present to their VIEWpoint group what they have learned.  We are looking forward to these presentations on the 19th.  New this year, we will try to squeeze in an opportunity for students to see some exemplary 8th grade projects on the morning of June 20th.  Stay tuned for more details!

Day #7

Almost every time we have a half day this winter, Mother Nature schedules a storm for us.  We are planning to have school and our VIEWpoint Day on March 7th.  Students should still plan on coming to school to work on their projects.  There will not be any scheduled half days in April or May, so there will not be any more school time to complete work until the beginning of June.  Our teachers will be working with students on how to complete their self directed learning projects before the end of the year.  Thank you in advance for supporting your child's learning!

Day #6

Day #6 was a snow day.... on to Day #7 in March.  Teachers will check in with kids regarding progress since this day more than likely will not be made up.

Day #5

Our 5th VIEWpoint day is scheduled for the half day on December 6th.  Please remember to bring in any materials you need to build or create your project.

Back 2 Back for Days #3 & #4

After the Turkey Trot we will settle down into our VIEWpoint projects.  We are back to back before we break for Thanksgiving,  Students can get a good chunk of their projects done.  By now, there should be no questions on what we are completing for projects or how we are going to share our learning.  If students run into a problem, students have mentors to help them overcome their challenges.

Day #2 in the books!

We have completed two VIEWpoint days already.  By now your child should have a project that is "just right" and begun work on his/her project.  There is no reason why students can not work outside of school hours, yet students are not required to do so.  Often students are excited about their work and will work on their project form time to time.  Please let us know what we can do to best support your child's learning experience.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Incoming 6th Grade Students

For 5th grade students entering Sky View for the 17-18 school year, please watch the VIEWpoint presentation below to see what we expect of students for a self-directed learning project during the 17-18 school year.

VIEWpoint Complete!

Year one of VIEWpoint projects were complete on Tuesday, June 20.  We are posting some pics and links to VIEWpoint projects from the 16-17 school year.

Last School Working Day

Our final "in-house" working day will be Friday, April 14th.  After school vacation we will let families know when and where VIEWpoint projects will be presented.  This will be the make up VIEWpoint day since March 15th was snowed out.

Home stretch

On Friday, January 13th we are having VIEWpoint Day #5.  After the 13th, we have another day scheduled in March and another in April.  We have not scheduled presentation days yet, but we are looking at the close of the school year for student presentations.  All of this means, there is not tons of time left to complete the projects.  We are excited to see where each student's learning takes him/her.  We will help them begin to realize the end of their learning journey is not too far away!

Busy Busy Busy

On the morning before Winter Break, our students were quite busy building, creating, generating, and learning a topic of their choice.  Please see some of the pictures on the webpage.  So far so good.  We are proud of their efforts.  Next VIEWpoint day is the Professional Development half day on Friday, January 13th.  We are pretty much close to the half point with the projects.  The next VIEWpoint days should focus on what is needed to do to complete the project and how to present. Specifically, what would make for an interesting presentation.

VIEWpoint Day #4

Before we head off to Winter Break, we will have a VIEWpoint morning on December 23rd.  Please make sure your child brings his/her materials for a productive morning.  We will do VIEWpoint up until lunch time.

VIEWpoint Days 2 & 3

Our next two VIEWpoint Days are the two half days before Thanksgiving Break.  For each day, students should "get to work".  Students have a topic so it is time to generate, create, innovate, or research.  We have many electronic devices for kids to use, but kids can still bring in their own.  Kids can still create and generate without electronics so please remember to bring in whatever materials you might need.  Let's see what happens as everyone's VIEWpoint comes into focus!

1st VIEWpoint Day is 9/21

Our first meeting will be on our first half day.  Students will discuss with each other what is a "just right" project.  By days end everyone will have a project plan that includes how new learning will be shared, where it will be shared, & with who the learning will be shared.  If your child already has a plan, he/she can start their research.  Looking forward to Day #1!

What's Your VIEWPoint?

Welcome to the Sky View VIEWpoint page.  We will post necessary information and documents here throughout the school year.  We are excited about launching this new project at The View.

  • VIEWpoint Presentations
  • VIEWpoint Presentations
    It's time to celebrate your child's learning. VIEWpoint presentations will be on Tuesday, June 19. Presentations will be between 12:30-2:00. Can't wait to see what your child will share.
VIEWpoint Days
VIEWpoint days are on our school calendar. If it's a half day, it's a VIEWpoint day. You can work on your VIEWpoint any day you wish though. Follow your passion!
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
  • VIEWpoint Days 3 & 4
Which Group Is My Child In?
VIEWpoint groups are based on your child's homeroom/team. Please check out the staff group file in the VIEWpoint document block. If you have a question, you can check with your child's homeroom teacher first.